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Water’s Edge     Roxanne Fitzmaurice
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2017 Exhibition

July 27- August 10


Roxanne Fitznaurice


Roxanne studied Fine Art at DIT and NCAD. She lives and works in Dublin and teaches art classes.  She lives close to the Botanic Gardens, several parks and the sea which inspire her work; as does the coastline and landscape of Wicklow and West Cork.

Her paintings begin with sketches on location.  These drawings are used to develop her paintings in her studio.  She uses paint in dense textured layers to allow the work the energy and transience that the landscape evokes.  Then she scrapes the paint back to get a fluid surface to improve the element of change and transition in the work.  Each painting is an evolving examination of place and technique, a legacy of which remains on the surface.


WATERS EDGE  July 2016.

This exhibition is inspired by nature and the landscape of Ireland.The works are oil on board andthe title ‘Water’s Edge’ refers to the mud flats, lakes, rivers and water that has accumulated in man made areas.The waters reflections then enhances the surrounding landscape which is an inspiration for the painter.

The sites that have inspired these works are: The wild coastline of the West of Ireland, Lough Boora Park (a cut-away bog left by Bord na Mona to nature), Glenbarrow at the source of the River Barrow in Co.Laois and North Bull Island Nature Reserve with mud flats and sand dunes, which is a continually changing tidal environment. These landscapes include lakes, wetlands, waterfalls, steep valleys and water filled turf trenches. Roxanne represents these using a palette of ochre, burnt sienna, Indian red, umber and golden yellow, blue and mauve.


‘I like to leave room in my work for that something else to happen, to change on the instant, just as the landscape awaits the next change in light, a shower, a movement on the waters surface, the flow of a river, the ebb of a tide or the change of a season.To capture the spirit of a place and the relentless energetic force of nature. The impasto technique used in applying the paint lends itself to depicting this energy, and subtle or dramatic change.Nature is in control and we are the observers.‘ Roxanne Fitzmaurice 2016


''Near the waters edge quiet souls peer"

Karl von Mechlenburg.

"I see in pools the shining sky"

Thomas Hardy.